Work in Progress – Festival Shawl in Faerie Cake Blues

Tonight, after a long hard day of NOT crocheting, I look forward to sitting down and getting on with at least one of my works – in – progress projects.

I’m working on another shawl for my Etsy shop using a really pretty skein of Caron Cakes yarn called Faerie Cake.  Actually, I’m into a second skein but the shawl is almost done so it’s all good.

Caron Cakes Faerie Cake Crochet Work In Progress

Almost done with another shawl!

I love the pattern I’m using.  I found it online.  You can see it here: Festival Shawl by Lyn Robinson at Ravelry.  The pattern is easy to follow and the shawl turns out gorgeous.  Best of all the pattern is free.

The different colors of the variegated yarn come together so beautifully.  It would be wonderful to wear on a walk along the beach, or as a bit of protection against a chilly evening anywhere.  I’ll share a photo of it when it’s done.

In the meantime, I’m off for a relaxing evening of crochet.





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