13 Responses to Branding A New Etsy Shop – Choosing A Logo

  1. Miss Rebecca says:

    I struggle with this. I’ve changed my logo twice in a few months and both different. I want it to reflect me which is why the colours on my blog is what I chose but yet I still feel empty about it! I’m not very good at taking pictures either.

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    • Robin says:

      I’m not great at taking photos yet either. And taking the right photos is another very important aspect to branding at Etsy. I plan to keep practicing and taking lots of photos of each item so I can get at least one good one. (haha) I think it’s okay for you to keep trying new color combos until you’re happy with the look. You’ll know it when you see it!Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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  2. Happy to read you’re preparing for your first Etsy shop! I’ve been thinking about it, and am considering using some artwork for a logo, but still thinking… Your blanket makes a very lovely statement, it’s beautiful and very professional looking! I also like that it’s a symbol of taking the crocheting to the next level. Thanks for sharing your logo ideas! 🙂

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  3. Tami says:

    Hi Robin – nice to meet you here in the crochet corner of blogland. 🙂 I have been waiting for my very artistically talented daughter to draw an original logo for me. I have something very specific in mind. Being a busy teenager she keeps saying – oh yeah I’ll do it soon – and then she’s off again. 😀 Since I do not have an etsy store I haven’t really pressured her about it. In the meantime I do recognize the value of brand recognition so my site’s graphics for the home page is an original photo that I took and I try to be consistent with social media by using Gravatar. My little Jigglypuff that I crocheted last summer is a placeholder for me until I get an official logo. The blanket in your photo – looks exactly like the pattern I just finished – alternating fans and v stitches. It’s lovely in the multiple color stripes. Mine was all one color, but I think the pattern being so pretty really shines through. Sorry for the long comment. Take care. Tami 🙂

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  4. tinaor says:

    The logo is perfect – to me it also says ‘modern’ and ‘current’ because the grey and teal are so in fashion right now. Nice job. Good luck with your etsy shop. Give us a link here !

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  5. Knit Potion says:

    LOVE it!


  6. Good luck with your shop! For mine, I have a photo of my sewing machine mid-project and my header is mermaid/nautical due to one of my more popular items. It can be challenging but nothing is ever perfect and if it is perfect, it won’t be for long. I am shifting more to selling sewing patterns so I feel like my header is already in need of updating.

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