Exclusive Yarn Rant


April 21, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

Lately I find myself getting really irritated about these exclusive yarns that are only being sold at certain stores like the Sweet Rolls at Jo-Ann and the Caron Cakes at Michael’s.

Sweet Roll Yarn

I mean seriously?  I happen to like both of these yarns (Okay, it’s more like LOVE.  Alright… I’m kind of obsessed with variegated yarn.) and have used each for different crochet projects so now when I want more I have to go running all over town to get what I need.

Caron Cakes Yarn

I hate running all over town.

Okay, so Michael’s has generously offered to sell some of the Caron Cakes online but they have to be purchased in bulk, three skeins at a time.  So far, as of this posting, the Sweet Rolls can only be purchased in store, or at Amazon.com if you’re lucky enough to find the color you want and are willing to pay extra for them.

Having worked in retail, I am no longer much of a fan of shopping and I prefer very much to make one trip and buy all of my yarn in one place, and lately that place is usually online.

I know these stores think that by having their own exclusive yarn, people will flock like sheep to go buy it, and I suppose they also think we’ll spend more money on other things while we visit their store for their special exclusive yarn but for me this is simply becoming a very big turn off.

Am I alone in thinking like this?  Does this annoy you too?

Let’s talk about this. Do you think there’s anyway we can convince these yarn companies to stop this madness?   Share your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time,

Keep crocheting!


This is my latest WIP.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with either Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s.

8 thoughts on “Exclusive Yarn Rant

  1. Tami says:

    Hi Robin! I agree with you. I think it’s only a matter of time before one of the yarn companies makes a similar type of self striping yarn. I believe Red Heart just released a bunch of new yarns this week. For me personally – I love Caron Cakes and a Michaels store is not too far away from me so I time my Cakes purchases to go along with their yarn sales. I haven’t used Sweet Roll and the closest Joanne’s is about 40 minutes away so I’m not in a big rush to get some of that. I’ve seen videos of people that make their own self striping cakes by using an invisible Russian join between skeins, making custom cakes in any variety of colors they want. Great post – a good example of consumers having the power – we should use it! 😀

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  2. Good point! I never thought about why the stores don’t carry everything, but it would be much more convenient for us!

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  3. Miss Rebecca says:

    I’m in the UK and only just last month did we start to get Caron Cakes lol!! But luckily for most of the crocheted uk online store community they stock them. We don’t get many stores around where I live these days and my local one only just started to sell the yarn cakes by Sirdar it’s a complete pain but I mean you can make your own as the caron cakes aren’t really as variegated as some mixed yarns so they could potentially lose out as people will go for this option. – I hate shopping now and I also do my yarn shopping online it’s easier, I use woolwarehouse and they have everything a crocheter or knitter could need lol.

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  4. Bethany-Jade says:

    I whole heartedly agree! Exclusivity just makes me annoyed – it doesnt inspire me to like the brand more!

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