One Month Anniversary and Grand Opening


May 1, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

Today is the one month anniversary of Imperial Crochet.

Yes, I was crazy enough to start a new blog on April Fool’s Day.  In fact, I almost waited a day because of that but then I decided, What the heck!  lol

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started my first post.  I knew I wanted a blog so that I could share my crochet creations and hopefully promote items I’d be putting in my Etsy shop.  I certainly didn’t expect to make friends.

In a single month of blogging, I’ve met so many wonderful people!  The crochet community at WordPress is super friendly and I’m so glad I took the leap of faith I needed to move forward with my dream of opening my own little business.

A big HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by for a visit, or a bit of conversation, and especially to those who helped me out, and also to those who took a chance and followed me.  You have no idea how big a boost of confidence that gives me.  I really appreciate you all!

I’m also excited to report that I received a few interview requests.  And I’ve sent out some questions.  So, that will be moving forward and I’ll share those with you in the order they come in.


I also have some other news.  I barely got the Imperial Crochet Etsy shop open on schedule today, May 1st, with three measly items. Again lol.  I’ll be adding more probably tonight, definitely tomorrow. What can I say.  Life happens and we don’t always get what we want.  (I hear Mick Jagger singing in my head now.)

The entire shop needs more of everything.  I need to tell my story and add photos and all kinds of other good content.  I was going back and forth on it but I decided to hit that publish button today for one reason.  As a writer I know that you can edit a bad page but you can’t edit a blank one.  I forget who said that first but it’s a really good rule of thumb for writers, and bloggers, and Etsy store owners to follow.  Now that it’s open, my shop can only get better!

I’m off to take care of some more life things and will be back later adding stuff to my new shop.

In the meantime,

Thanks for visiting and keep crocheting!


13 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary and Grand Opening

  1. Yay! The shop looks AMAZING!

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  2. Miss Rebecca says:

    Yay go you! Also I LOVE the crochet community on wordpress. It’s just amazing, good luck with your store 😀

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  3. MrsCraft says:

    Happy one month anniversary, good luck with the shop 😊

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  4. MrsCraft says:

    Also, how exciting to have interview requests too 😊

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  5. Tami says:

    Congratulations on your Grand Opening! (you can’t hear it but there are champagne corks popping and party horns blowing) It’s been a little over 3 months since I set up my camp in blogland and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner! I have met some really talented and creative people here – and the community especially the yarny community is so kind and supportive!! Here’s to the wild success of Imperial Crochet! (glasses clinking) 😀

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