May’s Little Box of Crochet Review and why I decided to order it.


June 2, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

I’m sure you’ve noticed all of the different monthly box subscriptions that are available lately.  The most noticeable is probably the make-up boxes, clothing and accessory boxes, and the treat boxes for dogs.  In case you’re not aware, the idea behind these boxes is that you sign up to receive a (usually) once-a-month box of surprises.

Out of curiosity, one day in April, I went looking for a crochet box subscription and I quickly came upon, Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet.

little box of crochet

Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet – May 2017 edition.

At the site, because of my curiosity for everyone’s crochet story, I read their about page and because everyone has a cancer story about a loved one, I became instantly emotionally engaged.

I wanted to sign up but unfortunately, I had discovered the site at the wrong time of the month.  I know, that sounds funny but it’s true.  Subscriptions are accepted from the 1st through the 20th of each month.  Starting on the 20th, the boxes start getting shipped out from the United Kingdom.  (They ship worldwide.)  I found the site on the 21st and since I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to sign up, I thought, Oh well.  It’s not meant to be.

At the same time, I was getting my Imperial Crochet Instagram account started and I kept seeing the hashtags #aflowerforjenny and #littleboxofcrochet together in posts there with photos of crocheted flowers.  Having just read their about story, I realized that there must be something terribly wrong happening to them.  Sure enough, Amanda’s daughter had taken a turn for the worst and they were asking crocheters to create and send handmade yarn flowers to show their support.

Because this story had grabbed my heart from the beginning, I quickly made a flower and sent it off.  I also decided to further support this family by ordering a subscription box.

Hey Hey Lets Crochet

This is what you see when you first open the box!

Little Box of Crochet Monthly Subscription Review

I received my first box a few days ago and I have to say I’m completely thrilled with what I found inside.  In addition to the beautiful yarn, pattern, and crochet hook that you’d expect, I also received a pretty little stitch holder, an inspirational postcard, and a fun rubber stamp and ink that will be so useful in the future.  They even sent a needle for weaving in the loose ends.

Best of all, the pattern is for something I’ve been toying with making for a while now. It’s called “Jenny’s Mandala” and I hope I can do it justice.  There are wonderful step-by-step photos in the pattern booklet as well as a link to a (I believe it’s private) Youtube channel to help with any confusion and to make it feel more like a CAL.  (Crochet along)

little box of crochet with my cat

My cat was just as excited as I was to see what was inside the box!

In light of all the sadness, unfortunately Amanda lost her beautiful Jenny on May 13th, I’m glad I found Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet and I can’t wait until I get a free second so I can get started making my own beautiful Mandala.  If you love to crochet and also love getting surprises in the mail, I highly recommend you sign up for a monthly subscription at Little Box of Crochet.

PS… I am NOT affiliated with the Little Box of Crochet company at all, or in any way, and I received nothing in return for this review.  I just simply loved my box and wanted to share it with my readers.

How about you?  Do you receive any monthly subscription boxes of any kind?  Are you happy with yours? Share your stories in the comments here.  I love hearing from my readers.

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14 thoughts on “May’s Little Box of Crochet Review and why I decided to order it.

  1. crochetliverpool says:

    I too followed their story via Instagram and was so moved and inspired by them. The flowers were all beautiful and so much love and kindness went into them. A genuinely lovely business!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jennifer says:

    Is this crochet box for beginners? I can do the basics but don’t know if it will be to hard for me. Also are there videos to help with each project?


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