5 Reasons Why You Need A Cereal Keeper While Crocheting

Do you use a cereal keeper when you crochet?  Well, if you don’t, you might want to start after reading this!

71RDebz1xiL._SX425_Several years ago, I purchased a set of three cereal keepers… for my cereal. We live in the southeast and the humidity is a real cereal killer.  It can kill a box of cereal within hours after opening it.

Over time, I discovered they can be used for many other purposes and they especially come in very handy when I crochet.

Here’s the top 5 times that I use a cereal keeper while crocheting.

Reason Number One
After chasing yarn around the room for the umpteenth time I learned that they make awesome yarn holders!

I had an empty one sitting on the kitchen counter one day when the light bulb went off in my head.  That wonderful little Rubbermaid container could keep the yarn from rolling away and getting chased by my cat.  I tried it.  I loved it and kept right on using it.  In fact, after that, it has never held cereal again.

To use it this way, simply plop your skein inside, pull the strand through the hole at the top, seal the container without closing the hole section and now the yarn can’t roll away from you anymore. The large hole in the lid makes it easy for the yarn to be pulled from the top.

Next up… learn the unique ways how I use the other 2 cereal containers I have.

makeshift yarn holder

I use a cereal keeper as a makeshift yarn holder.

Reason Number Two
They keep small crochet projects all together and in one place so there’s no searching for your scissors, or the correct size hook every time you want to go back to the project.  Everything fits and is ready, and waiting for you whenever the urge to hook hits you.

cereal keeper with crochet project inside

A cereal keep can keep all the items you need while crocheting a small-ish project so you can just grab and go!

Reason Number Three
You can store all of your little leftover balls of yarn in one place so that you can see what colors you have without having them rolling around your craft area.

I don’t know about you but I have a problem with throwing away my leftover yarn when I’m done with a project.  I live in fear that I might need just a tiny little piece.  So, I roll up my leftovers into balls and keep them in a cereal keeper.

creal keeper with yarn balls inside

A cereal keep makes a great place to keep small leftover balls of yarn!

Reason Number Four
If you’re a crochet seller, you can keep a bunch of your smallest items fresh and dust-free inside of a sealed cereal keeper.

I use a large plastic storage box for my larger items such as shawls and blankets but when it comes to little things like crochet earrings and key rings, a cereal keeper can come in mighty handy.

storage for crochet items

I store some of my handmade crocheted items for sale in a cereal keeper.

Reason Number Five
They keep your cereal fresh and crisp.  they work especially well in the summertime to keep the humidity out.

What can I say.  Us crocheters do get hungry every now and then and a nice bowl of crispy cereal can really hit the spot!

box of cereal

By the way, you can use it for keeping cereal too!

Do you have any makeshift things you use while crocheting?  Tell me all about it.  I love hearing from my readers.

And now that you know how many great uses these amazing containers have…

71RDebz1xiL._SX425_Do you need more cereal keepers?

You can get the same 3 pack set I use at Amazon.

Here’s a quick link that will take you there so you can learn more and purchase yours today!

Rubbermaid 1.5 gallon Cereal/Snack Storage Container (3 Pack), Red

This link is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking it, I will receive a small royalty for the sale at no additional cost to you.



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  1. Tami says:

    Great idea Robin!! I’ve used coffee cans to keep balls separated when I’m doing a 2 strand of yarn project. Large cereal containers are perfect for storing yarn/wips!! 😀

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