Halloween Regrets – The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns that I didn’t Make Time For


October 25, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

I love Halloween!  I especially love decorating for Halloween and I’m ashamed to say that I spend way more time than I should browsing through fun Halloween crochet patterns.

In fact, I find so many cute Halloween decor patterns that it becomes overwhelming.

I don’t want to make just one crocheted pumpkin…  I want to make an entire field of them!  I want to line them up across the front of my fire place.  I want them placed on my window sills and on my kitchen table.

I picture a little crocheted black cat standing on the mantle and an adorable witch on the table in the foyer.

I want monster pillows on the sofa and a Halloween theme throw blanket to wrap myself in while I watch scary movies on October 31st.

With a week to go before Halloween, so far, all I’ve made is the throw blanket.  And to be honest, I made it last year.

Halloween color crochet throw blanket

Sorry the photo is a little dark.

I suppose there’s always next year to look forward to.

Here’s the links to my favorite free Halloween crochet patterns that I’ve found this year. I’m placing them here for safekeeping and to share them with all of my favorite readers.  Enjoy!

Halloween witch raggedy anne doll

My Halloween Raggedy Anne doll sitting on the throw.

Do you have any Halloween crochet regrets this year?  Share them in the comments.  You know it’s true that misery loves company and I love hearing from my readers.


11 thoughts on “Halloween Regrets – The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns that I didn’t Make Time For

  1. Your Halloween blanket is a no regret blanket. I have a beautiful witch embroidery panel that I wish I had worked on a bit, but oh well, it’s not going anywhere. Have a super Wednesday!

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  2. tonymarkp says:

    I get the same way about Halloween. I’m already deciding on what I want to make next year and this year I probably actually did 1/20,000,000th of what I imagined myself creating after browsing all the patterns.

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  3. Miss Rebecca says:

    That blanket and doll aaah so amazing. Its most just Halloween it’s fall in general that I get so stressed about I want to make pumpkins and leaves, but I spend so much time on pinterest and now October is over! But Xmas is the one for me, I think I’ll pre make Halloween stuff in summer as I’m more of a autumn winter girl. So my biggest regret is not making pumpkins but it’s still the season for them next month so I might make some autumnal bunting for my desk.

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  4. Your Anne is adorable. I have not done much for halloween except planning to get pumpkins and candles and candy. 🙂 I love the mental picture of all the crocheted pumpkins. That is something I shall be adding to my to do list.
    Have fun getting ready for Halloween.

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  5. I regret not crocheting a pumpkin as well, they look so cute. Maybe next year I’ll get ahead of myself enough to make some Halloween goodies on time.

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