No More Yarn Barfs… EVER! a review of the yarn dispenser by yarn valet


November 27, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

Once upon a time, I was visiting a crochet group on Facebook and I noticed something interesting in a photo that was shared by a member of the group.

The object in question looked a bit like a paper towel holder with yarn on it.

The crocheter wasn’t even showing us this intriguing object but rather sharing something she was working on.

As soon as I saw it, I immediately put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and went in search of this gadget and was completely overjoyed when I happened upon it at my favorite website, that is, my favorite besides this one.

Yes, Dr. Watson!  Amazon sells it.  I became even MORE completely overjoyed when I saw the affordable price!  And, YES! Becoming even more completely overjoyed is a thing.  Ask any crocheter who has just finished following a brand new pattern that turned out perfectly and only then realized they didn’t have to frog it even once!

yarn on yarn dispenser

Full Disclosure:  I was not paid to write this review.  I purchased thi Yarn Dispenser using my own money but this review does contain affiliate links.  If you purchase anything after clicking one of my links, I may earn a small royalty.  This will never cost you anything extra.  Thank you for supporting my small business!

For $14.99, that’s the price I paid at the time of this posting,  I was looking at something that could make my crochet life so much easier.  I had to have it and purchased one right then and there.

After trying it out, I’m really happy to tell you that I was NOT disappointed with my purchase.

To set it up all you need to do is pop in the non-slip button thingies on the bottom. That only needs to be done the first time you use it.  Make sure the white dowel piece is in place on top of the green dowel piece.  This will be self explanatory when you see it.  And then, simply plop a skein of yarn on the part that’s sticking up by pushing the middle of the yarn through the dowel .

yarn on yarn dispenser by yarn valet

You pull the outside end of the yarn and the skein twirls as you use it.

I’m using mine to crochet a “Cool Crochet Poncho” using Sweet Roll yarn by Premier Yarns.  The skein is shaped in the short cake style and my Yarn Valet yarn dispenser is handling it great.

yarn dispenser by yarn valet

I did have to adjust the height of the yarn on the dowel a couple of times, mostly at the end of the skein but compared to dealing with a yarn barf, this is a piece of cake.  And no yarn or time was wasted un-knotting twisted yarn.  I’m betting it might be even better when I use it with a full size skein.  If it isn’t, I’ll be back to refresh this review!

Of course, this cool crochet gadget will only work when it’s placed on a hard flat surface…  like a table, or the floor.

I’m in love with mine and highly recommend it to anyone.

yarn dispenser by yarn valet upside down

Oh, it also has a place to measure your gauge and some holes for holding stitch markers.  I haven’t used either of those features yet but I’m sure they will come in handy at some point in the future.

You can learn more about it by visiting: Yarn Dispenser by Yarn Valet at Amazon

The only problem I had while using mine was…

kitten playing with yarn dispenser by yarn valet

…my kitten thinks it’s his new toy!

So… what do you think?  Want?  Need?  Have to have a Yarn Valet yarn dispenser?  Share your thoughts about this yarn holder in the comments below.  I love hearing from my readers!



12 thoughts on “No More Yarn Barfs… EVER! a review of the yarn dispenser by yarn valet

  1. This one is not my style, I prefer one of these bowls made for yarn, they are really nice. I have cats too, so I don’t think, that I would be able to use it anyway. They would also think, it was a new toy for them 🙂

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  2. I have never understood why people buy those things. It is not something for me at least. But I am glad you found it useful and are happy with that 🙂 BTW, in which Facebook group are you in? I am in several ones but I was just wondering…

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  3. Robin says:

    I honestly love mine but I’m sure it’s not for everyone. 🙂 I’m in a bunch of Facebook groups. I’m in the Fun with Furls group, The Friendly Crochet Group, The Crochet Addiction group, and several others. I love seeing what everyone is making.


  4. I think this is ideal, i tried using a bowl and it doesn’t work for me. I also have a project bag that’s round and you put your yarn inside and thread through the top etc – This i think would be perfect for me and my mum! Especially with more delicate yarns where the skein just kind of flops? So thanks for sharing, i’ll look into this 🙂

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  5. tonymarkp says:

    Very clever! This is so helpful to people who use skeins all the time. I buy a lot of hanks and skeins, so I wind mine up into a center-pull ball with a winder. But, this eliminates a step if you happen to be using a skein and it only costs 15 bucks. Hmmmm…

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