A Leather Pencil Case Makes a GREAT Crochet Hook Holder

December 19, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

In one of the crochet Facebook groups I belong to, I believe it was  Fun with Furls, someone was talking about using a pencil case as a crochet hook holder.  I immediately had one of those… Why didn’t I think of that!… moments.

If you’re familiar with Furls hooks, you know that because of their shape, unless you own one of their special holders, they are a bit bulky to store. I reviewed their new Streamline hooks HERE

From the Furls website:

The tear-drop body shape of each Furls hook fits perfectly into the MCP joint of the human hand, providing maximum hand and wrist relaxation in all crochet grips.

Furls Streamline Hook size 5.5mm Rosewood

Furls Streamline Hook – Rosewood.

I believe that any old pencil case might work well, but I did like the one that was talked about and shown to us by a fellow crocheter in the group.  The case, made by Global Arts, is leather with two separate compartments that have elastic straps sewn across the middle.

I’m not affiliated with Furls but I am affiliated with Amazon where I got my pencil case. (read my full disclosure) And yes, there’s an affiliate link below.

This is what mine looks like:

pencil case crochet hook holder

Some of my crochet hooks in their leather pencil case.

I keep all of my thicker crochet hooks together in one of the zippered compartments and I keep my straight-handled hooks in the other zippered compartment.

crochet hooks in pencil case

Some of my straight handled hooks in my pencil case.

These come in two colors, brown or black, mine is obviously brown, and they are available in several different sizes ranging from cases to hold 24 pencils up to cases that can hold 120 pencils.  Pricing is determined by your choice.

If I remember right, I bought the one that holds 72.  Please note from my photos that this case will NOT hold 72 bulky crochet hooks.  Mine has 12 elastic sections in each compartment and when it comes to Furls hooks, or others like them, you can fit only one per section.

For straight hooks, the elasticized sections will hold many more.

I love my case because it keeps my crochet hook investment safe and secure while also looking great.  The way it lets me display my hooks makes it easy to find the size I’m looking for quickly.  It’s convenient to carry around too.

And for me, the leather, although totally unnecessary, makes it feels a bit more professional (and pampering) too.  Does that make me a crochet hook case snob?  Maybe.  But I don’t care.  As I’m “maturing”, I find it okay to splurge on a few items every now and then.

You can see these great pencil cases by visiting Amazon via my affiliate link: Global Arts Leather Pencil Holders

What about you?  Where do you keep your crochet hooks?  Are you a crochet hook case snob too?  For what it’s worth: I used to keep mine in an old plastic Breyers Gelato container which I still use to hold my needles, stitch markers, scissors and tape measure. Some snob, huh?   Please feel free to share your thoughts, and ideas for holding crochet hooks safely, in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers!





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