Can I Sell Crochet Items I Made From Your Pattern?


December 28, 2017 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

Before we get started I’d like you to know that I don’t design my own crochet patterns… yet.

I do go rouge once in a while while following a pattern but I don’t rewrite, or share these oddities on my blog under the guise of a self-made pattern.

And I don’t ever try to sell these changes as patterns of my own.

And I never will.

That said, as an Etsy shop keeper, I’m always looking for the answer to: Can I sell crochet items I made from your pattern?

Crocheting from a pattern.

Turns out according to this great article at Yarn Obsession, because I live in the USA, and I believe as long as I’m using patterns created in the USA, Yes, I can.

I can NOT sell or recreate your written pattern on my blog or website but I CAN sell my completed crochet pieces made from your pattern.

It’s considered good practice and good manners in the crochet community to share a link and a shout-out to the pattern maker and pattern that was used but it’s not legally required unless the designer has an actual copyright on the pattern.

The UK seems to have stricter laws about using crochet patterns created by others.   I’m not sure how this works in any other countries so you’ll need to do a bit of research yourself if you live elsewhere.

The article goes into the details as to why.  It also shares links to other sites that back up this claim.

AND the comments at the bottom share even more great info that you’ll want to read, learn, and know if you’re someone who sells crochet products and/or patterns.

In my opinion, I still wouldn’t use a pattern to sell things if the designer requests that you only use their pattern for personal use.  It’s just not worth any aggravation that might come of it. I’ll still check, double check, and triple check to find the permissions allowed for any crochet pattern I want to use to create things for my shop but it’s good to know that legally, I won’t be in trouble if I miss something.

You can read the article yourself by visiting: Yes, you can sell crochet pieces made from someone’s pattern!

What do you think?  How do you handle this when crocheting from a pattern created by someone else?  As a designer, do you give written permission to others to sell items made from your pattern?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers.

14 thoughts on “Can I Sell Crochet Items I Made From Your Pattern?

  1. Hi Robin,
    I dabble at designing and like to share my patterns on my blog for free.
    I really don’t mind my patterns being made to sell. I do request
    A little pattern protocol, just that people don’t credit the design as their
    Own and link back to my site…I think that is reasonable.
    Interesting article…thanks for sharing xx

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    • Robin says:

      I think that is more than reasonable, Nicola. Thank you for stopping by and thanks for sharing free patterns with the crochet community. I am always appreciative when I find beautiful free patterns. Each pattern I follow teaches me something about the craft.

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  2. Very interesting read & I bookmarked those pages for-further reading . I have seen on Etsy where the designer allows you to sell your work from the pattern but to link back to them , which I think is fair enough .

    I know on some fabrics you are not allowed sell your work but that needs further investigation so I must read up on that .

    I recently found out a phrase that a lot of people use, myself included is actually copyrighted so I need to research that too.

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    • Robin says:

      It’s amazing which phrases are actually copyrighted but then again, many times it’s only copyrighted for certain uses. All in all, I guess using patterns or photos or even phrases online is still a slippery slope. I’ve always linked back to the original patterns but I must admit that I’ve worried that I might have forgotten on some posts or pieces. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about this!

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  3. I’ve been lucky and most patterns I use have all said your allowed to sell created items as long as credit to the pattern designer is given and not mass made. Which means manufacturing a butt load! I come across copyright all the time with crochet not just the selling items from patterns. It amazes me though how some people can claim a technique as there own and it’s clearly been around for ages! Good post Robin it will get alot of minds thinking x

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    • Robin says:

      Thank you Rebecca! (Loved your Christmas card by the way.) It amazes me too when people try to claim age-old techniques. 🙂

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    • Rebecca, I totally agree with your amazement at when people claim techniques as their own when clearly they have been around for a long time. That worries me as a designer so much. I’m always a little nervous putting out a pattern, because even though I have ‘designed’ it I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have to go too far to find something similar! I have just had a lovely crochet book for Christmas and was amazed to find the same pattern that I know at least 2 other designers claim as their own 😦

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      • I can see why it would worry you! Morden day isnt fun either when it comes to copyright claims. An you would also have to worry about people who would use your pattern tweak it abit and then say they did it. That’s not surprising about the designers, they probably learnt from the very same books they claim from 🙄 it’s lazy!

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  4. kathyreeves says:

    Great discussion item, Robin, for any crafting pursuit!

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  5. Personally, I think it’s silly to say someone can’t sell the items they make from someone else’s pattern. I’ve come across patterns that say that and always get annoyed by it. I don’t sell my stuff often so that’s not even the issue with me. I just think it’s ridiculous. Honestly, when I do occasionally sell my finished pieces, it’s always my own design. I wouldn’t want to sell products from other people’s designs but it still bothers me when I come across it. On occasion I have shared my own patterns online for free and would certainly hope to get a shout out or a link back but once someone makes something from my design, it’s theirs to do as they please. It doesn’t hurt me in any way that they sell their finished product. I would actually be honored if someone liked my design enough to sell products from it. Of course I don’t want them trying to sell my pattern, but their finished product, absolutely. I’m glad to see that legally, people can sell their items, at least in the US. But credit should always be given to the design creator when possible. My two cents worth. I hope I didn’t just offend anybody. 🙂

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