3 Cute Black Cat Crochet Gifts

Last year, on this date, I said goodbye to my soulmate-cat Timmie.  Tim was a very special black cat who shared my life for 18 years and I know I’ll miss him for the rest of eternity.

My Timmie necklace hanging on a Black Cat bottle of wine in my china closet.

My Timmie necklace hanging on a Black Cat bottle of wine in my china closet.

To honor his memory, and to help me smile today, I searched Etsy for some cute black cat crochet gifts and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. At.  All.

There are pages and pages of great black cat crochet items at Etsy.  I’ve chosen 3 of my favorites to showcase here today.

The following links are affiliate links and if you click on one before making a purchase at Etsy, I will receive a small royalty from them.  This will never cost you anything.  Thank you for your support! You can read the full disclosure HERE.  I do not claim to be reviewing these items.  I just find them appealing and thought you might too!

Black Cat Crochet Gifts

1. Black Cat Baby Booties

Black Cat Crochet Baby Booties

Black Cat Crochet Baby Booties

OMG!  How cute are these black cat baby booties?  I seriously need to find the pattern for these… or try to figure it out myself because… these are just too adorable for words!  Not just for Halloween, I think these super cute boots can be worn all year long.

Learn more about them and order here:  Black Cat Baby Booties – MiLaViKnits

2. Micro Mini Amigurumi Crochet Cat Kitten

Miniature crochet black cat

Miniature crochet black cat

This cute little black kitty is only half an inch big and yet has a huge impact on the heart strings.  I can’t even imagine trying to crochet something this tiny never mind adding the eyes and whiskers.

Learn more and order here:  Micro Mini Amigurumi Crochet Cat Kitten – SuAmi

3.  Crocheted Black Cat Hat

Crocheted Black Cat Hats

Crocheted Black Cat Hats

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift for a black cat owner or lover, this crocheted black cat hat set would be amazing!  This unique gift set is super soft and if you don’t want to purchase the set, these cute cat hats are available to buy separately.

Learn more and order here: Crochet Black Cat Hat Adult and Baby Set – ElinaDavenport

This post is part of my 3 Fun Etsy Finds Series.  Thanks for taking a look!

Feel free to share your thoughts about these gifts, or your furry family members, in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers!



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