Now Only Available in Three Sizes – Making Decisions for my Etsy shop


February 13, 2018 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

Wow!  This morning I started crocheting Bootie Soles in quantity and I couldn’t help but notice the enormous size difference between the smallest and the largest sizes that came with my new favorite pattern.

bootie soles

Look at the size difference!

It made me realize that if I want this new venture to be cost-effective, I need to make a couple of important decisions.


I’ve either got to reduce the availability of sizes for my booties.

Or sell them at separate prices.

For now, I’m going with the first option.   I’m only going to advertise them in the three smallest sizes which are, 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 12 months.

If someone asks me nicely, I can always do a custom order for the largest size.


Tools of the trade!


I’m also now rethinking my yarn brand choice.  The brand I chose is definitely cost-effective but I’m not sure they have all of the colors I’d like to eventually offer.

What about you?  If you keep an Etsy shop, have you ever had to make decisions like this? How do you decide what does or does not go into your shop?

And… do you have a go-to brand of yarn?  Since I started crocheting, I’ve been through so many different types and yarn brands it would make your head spin.  I’m seriously thinking I’d like to choose one brand and then just stock up on all of their colors.  And that would be that!

Leaving me with another question… if you could choose only one type and/or brand of yarn, what would you choose?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on these topics in the comments.  I really could use some good advice!

17 thoughts on “Now Only Available in Three Sizes – Making Decisions for my Etsy shop

  1. tialys says:

    I have three Etsy shops – but only two of them selling hand made items. The one most relevant with regard to your question about offering choices is the one selling dog collars. I give most of the profits to a dog rescue charity so I need to keep my costs to a minimum. Therefore, I decided to offer just one width of collar and a length adjustable by a 5 inch margin. That way, I can make them in advance if a popular design and I can order webbing, ribbon, hardware in bulk because I’m only using one size. Having said that I make to order so if somebody wants a different length I am usually able to oblige and, at that stage, I let them know if the cost will be different.
    As for yarn – I prefer to use a natural product for clothing if possible but I have dogs and cats and any blankets in this house have to be washable so I have been using acrylic – although I’m not entirely happy about it. The one I’ve been using is Sirdar Stylecraft DK which comes in gazillions of lovely colours and I find easy to both crochet and knit with. This was the yarn suggested by the pattern though so I didn’t really shop around and there is probably equally good or better acrylic out there and you will have other readers that know about that better than me.
    Good luck with your shop – I especially love those little baby boots – I felt quite broody (but only very briefly!) 🙂

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