Happy Spring Celebrations!

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  Happy Spring!

No matter what you celebrate at this time of year, here’s wishing you joy and a few extra minutes of crochet time!


Granny Square Bunny Banner

It’s not the greatest photo but I wanted to show you that I finally finished a seasonal banner for my kitchen Bay window.  (Yes, there were supposed to be more bunnies but… oh well!  At least I got one banner done!

I used a crochet pattern for the circle and triangle bunnies that I found at Home at My Place.  I winged the square one and then attached them all to a single chain that has 400 stitches.  I used a 4mm hook with some leftover worsted weight yarn.  It was a very simple project that I think turned out pretty darn cute.

Thanks for stopping by today!



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12 Responses to Happy Spring Celebrations!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Have a great Easter!

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  2. MrsCraft says:

    They are really cute!

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  3. the bookworm says:

    Happy Easter, those are too cute! I meant to crochet little bunnies from a pattern I found at RedHeart but I didn’t get to it. Maybe next Easter 🙂

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  4. They are cute! Only a few, but now you have a headstart on next year 😉

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