Mandala Market Bag – contains a link to the free pattern

I had a beautiful skein of Mandala yarn laying around and decided to finally make myself a market bag.

I’ve been wanting to make one of these bags for the longest time and spent quite a while trying to choose one that I liked.  I settled on a free pattern that I found at Lion Brand Yarns.


Not sure if I like the orange detail around the handle.

You can find the free pattern here:  Market Bag Pattern

I didn’t use the suggested yarn or hook size.  I made mine with almost exactly one skein of Mandala Pegasus color yarn from Lion Brand using a J 6.0mm Clover hook.  (You can read my review of Clover hooks HERE.)

At one point I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn but at 590yd/ 540m  those Mandala skeins seem to go on forever and I actually had a little bit left over.

I like it because of its gorgeous variegated colors, roominess, and whimsical BOHO style.  I’m not crazy about the orange detail I added around the handle but I don’t totally hate it either.


Here’s a close up of the stitches.

The bag turned out to be a nice big (stretchable) size that I think will come in handy while shopping at the Farmer’s Market this year but I ‘ll also use it for craft fairs and at the grocery store.

Since the yarn is 100% acrylic, I doubt I’ll take it to the beach but that’s okay because I’m planning to make another one using cotton.  I’ll use a larger hook size for that one and then it’ll be perfect for carrying a couple of towels and a book to the shore.


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8 Responses to Mandala Market Bag – contains a link to the free pattern

  1. It looks pretty! I am just curious, what happens to acrylic in the sun/sea? You mentioned something about that at the end.


    • Hi Helinahandicraft. Nothing happens really. It’s just not absorbent at all. You can absolutely use it. I just find cotton is better for things that will get wet, like coasters or beach bags. 🙂


  2. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE all the great self-striping yarns! Such fun to work with! 😉

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  3. Rebecca says:

    It’s so beautiful! Make more bags 😍😍😍

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  4. I like the orange detail on the handle – I like the whole bag!

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