Too Many WIPS Wednesday


April 18, 2018 by Robin @ Imperial Crochet

I don’t know why I keep falling away from my blog.  I’ve been crocheting so it’s not that.  Actually, I’ve been crocheting too much.

And starting too many projects.

And not finishing any of them!

I did manage to get a new item posted in my Etsy shop, blue and white crocheted baby combat booties.  You can see more photos and purchase a pair of them HERE.  But honestly, I had planned to add several other colors by now.  I started a pair in the opposite (white and blue) which I haven’t completed yet.


Baby blue crocheted combat boots!

I also recently started a Beach themed throw blanket which I’m now contemplating pulling apart to start over because I think I might like it better if I’d done it a different way.  Or maybe as a baby blanket?  Or maybe… not at all?

LOL!  I also have a multi-color baby blanket I made before realizing that the edge I used somehow made the sides bow out too much and at a weird angle so, that one needs to have the edges frogged and redone.

Oh!  And I have an almost done heavyweight sweater that I’m working on that I lost interest in when the temps went up outside.  I also fell behind on the Seaside Stash Buster blanket I started and at this point, I doubt I’ll be getting back to that one anytime soon.

Add the rest of the yarn that I purchased with several other projects in mind and I realize that my WIPS are completely out of control!

Does this ever happen to you?  How do you handle an avalanche of projects, patterns, and yarn?  I’ve tried making lists and cleaning out my craft space but so far nothing is helping me get my projects done without starting new ones.

Do you work on one project until it’s done or are you like me, juggling several at the same time?

To be honest, I DO like to have two projects going at the same time.  One that’s got a pattern that needs to be followed closely, and another that I can do mindlessly while watching television in the evening.

Problem is… I’ve got way more than two right now and even after sharing all of this with you, in this blog post, I’m secretly thinking about starting another one.  HELP!

Please share any and all suggestions in the comments section!



14 thoughts on “Too Many WIPS Wednesday

  1. I usually don’t have more than 2 projects going at a time. Like you, I enjoy having a simple and a more complicated project going. My real problem is having too many projects lined up – the queue seems to grow daily! The only suggestion I can give you is to make a list and stick to it (!) – that way you’ll get your WIPs done.

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  2. Sometimes I have a few going at one time but I do try to get them finished before I have too many going. It’s usually no more than three. But mostly I get obsessed with one until I finish it.

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  3. Well I’m up to 7 WIPs right now so I don’t think I’m really in a position to offer advice!

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