My Lion Brand Secret Santa Yarn Hat and Scarf – Finding Joy in Simpler Stitches

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a package of Secret Santa yarn from Lion Brand. I thought it might be a fun surprise and it was inexpensive enough for 9 skeins of yarn.

I suppose I should have known better because I’m really picky about my yarns but when I opened the package, I was quite underwhelmed, to say the least.

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This is the cute bag the yarn came in!

The bag it came in was adorable but the colors and types of yarn I received were nothing like anything I would ever buy myself. If you’ve never ordered one of these, the package comes with 9 skeins of yarn, 3 skeins each of 3 different yarns.

I grabbed the 3 skeins of Homespun that mine came with and a pattern I’d used before with other bulky yarn thinking I’d make a gift for someone and quickly got annoyed with how hard it was to see my stitches.

Homespun is a variegated acrylic blend yarn with a chunky 5 weight. I tossed the wrapper it came in and don’t remember the color name but mine is a gray, pink, and purple mix. You can see the texture in my photo below. Not only is the yarn bulky but it has a string running through it holding the quite-fuzzy yarn strands together.

Homespun yarn
A close-up view of my homespun yarn.

I almost gave up but then I decided to try a larger hook and a simpler stitch so I spoke not a word but went straight to my work. A single crochet stitch with my #10 Clover crochet hook made the yarn so much easier to work with, in fact, after a while, I could blindly feel where the stitches went and suddenly… (actually it was a few hours) what to my wondering eyes did appear…

slouchy hat and scarf
A beautiful slouchy hat and scarf set.

I have to admit that I love the way this hat and scarf set turned out so much that I selfishly kept it for myself! It’s super soft, nice and warm and goes great with my all-black jacket. Its unique texture and color scheme give it a fun homemade rustic look that you can’t find in any of the chain stores.

There’s no pattern. I just winged it by making a rectangle-style hat and I didn’t count any rows or stitches or anything for the scarf either. When it was done, I added a cute faux fur pom pom to top it off!

I’m really happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave this yarn another chance. And now… I can’t wait to see where the rest of my Secret Santa yarn stash will take me!

How about you? Have you ever been disappointed with a yarn you’ve purchased only to discover that you really do love it?   Or maybe you didn’t end up loving a yarn so much after thinking you would? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers!

“Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!”


About Robin @ Imperial Crochet

I'm a former community manager of a now defunct lifestyle site who's been writing online, and off, for over fifteen years. My passions include my family, my cat, reading, writing, crochet, and yarn art. I've decided to stitch all of those things together by way of my new blog, Imperial Crochet. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
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16 Responses to My Lion Brand Secret Santa Yarn Hat and Scarf – Finding Joy in Simpler Stitches

  1. I found this loopy yarn at a thrift store and it was cheap, something like 50 cents a skein. I purchased a bunch of it thinking I would use it as doll hair or clothes but when I actually tried to work with it, it was terrible. Couldn’t even turn it into doll hair. I still have it but not sure what I’m going to do with it but I’m sure inspiration will hit me someday. 🙂

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  2. Happy New Year, Robin 😊🎆🥂🍾🧶
    Homespun yarn is definitely not the easiest to work with. I’ve heard a lot of complaints. But, like you, I find that a larger hook is the solution 😍 And, as I found out yesterday, the yarn makes awesome pompoms 😁 You created something beautiful…I can’t blame you for keeping it. 😊💕

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  3. I love your hat and scarf! So beautiful! I have heard so many people complain about Homespun, but I found it pretty easy to work with. Larger needles are great for this yarn and obviously a larger hook gives great results, too. I’ve not heard of the Secret Stash of yarn before. I will have to take a look next year and see about getting a bag for myself. Great job with your Homespun. I look forward to seeing what else you create from that secret stash 😉

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