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This gorgeous scarf isn’t something she’d necessarily buy for herself but if she owned it, she’d wear it all the time!

Because I can’t possibly crochet fast enough to fill this blog with wonderful handmade crochet gift items that I’ve made myself, from time to time, I’ll be showing off some of the beautiful crocheted pieces that I find  in the Handmade section at Amazon.

This is the small print you always hear about.  This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link to an item on this page, and then purchase it at Amazon, I’ll get a small royalty.  This does not effect your cost at all but it does help me to keep the lights on at Imperial Crochet.  Thank you for shopping through us!  All opinions are my own and I won’t promote what I don’t love.
crocheted white summer scarf

Isn’t this summer scarf lovely?

I love browsing at crocheted items and I’m always on the lookout for the next thing I want to make.  Today, while window shopping at Amazon, I came across this gorgeous summer scarf and fell in love.  It’s made of white fabric with a white cotton hand crocheted border and has colorful attachments to brighten it up.  The length is 59 inches long.

It’s design is so simple and yet I think it looks super chic on the model.

Click to learn more or purchase this pretty scarf at

I think this would make an excellent summer gift for a woman of any age who appreciates handmade items and who likes to create her own style because this isn’t something that you’ll see on everyone every where.

Younger women can wear it as shown, and older women can use it to comfortably and beautifully camouflage the dreaded droopy neck area the plagues many of us.

white summer scarf

Close up view of the summer scarf.

It’s a fun accessory for warm weather wear but can certainly be used at any time of the year.

If white isn’t her color, the designer also makes this pretty scarf in other colors including gray, blue and red.

Visit the Jasmine.Creations Storefront at Amazon to see all of the colors and everything else this designer crochets.

From a crocheter’s point of view, I’ve never tried crocheting on fabric before but after seeing how pretty this is, I might want to learn it sometime in the future.  For now, I’ll just enjoy the work of others.

What do you think?  If someone gifted this scarf, or one similar, to you, would you wear it?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers.

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