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Wicked the Musical Handmade Crocheted Gifts

Wicked the Musical

Wicked Poster

My all-time favorite Broadway show is Wicked the Musical.

For me, it’s the ultimate girlfriend show and I loved every minute of the entire performance.  If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend that you do.

I’ve heard they’re making a movie of it and I can only hope that they do not ruin it.

In any event, if you’re looking for a fun gift for someone who loves Wicked as much as I do, you need to get to Etsy stat! Etsy sells all kinds of handmade Wicked-inspired gifts. Since this is a crochet blog, I’m going to share my two favorite Wicked the Musical handmade crocheted gifts.

Elphaba and Glinda Dolls

Elphaba and Glinda Dolls

 I am affiliated with Etsy and the following links are affiliate links.  Making a purchase after clicking on any of them may result in a royalty payment for me but this will not cost you anything extra and I appreciate your patronage.

I found an awesome Handmade Wicked the Musical Crochet Blanket and an adorable set of Crocheted Elphaba and Glinda Dolls.

Wicked Crochet Blanket

Wicked Crochet Blanket

Anyone who loves this show will go nuts for either of these gift ideas.  And at Etsy, there’s lots more to choose from.

As someone who crochets, I do plan to take the leap and crochet my own… one day… but if you need a gift now, be sure to visit Etsy to get yours today!

Have you seen Wicked?  Do you love these Wicked gift ideas?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  I love to hear from my readers.

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Furls Streamline Crochet Hook Review – finally THE perfect hook for my needs!

Before I begin my love story about the new Furls Streamline crochet hooks, let me tell you that I am NOT an affiliate and I was NOT paid to review them.  In fact, my journey to finding this fabulous hook cost me a fair bit of change.

When I first found the Furls crochet hooks online I thought they were beautiful and wanted one mostly to use in photos for my blog and on Instagram.  I couldn’t afford one of their premium wooden hooks so I decided to buy the next best thing, a Candy Shop hook.

Beautiful Centaur Mandala yarn by Lion Brand

Furls Candy Shop Hook.

I received it and fell in love with the design of the handle but to be honest, I am not in love with the bit of drag I get on the hook end.  I think it might just have something to do with the material it’s made of reacting to the humidity where I live because it doesn’t even seem to happen every time I make a stitch but it happens enough to keep me from falling in love completely with the hook.

Neverending granny square using Mandala yarn with a 4.5mm crochet hook.

Furls Odyssey Hook.

So… with that in mind, I decided to purchase and try out the Furls Odyssey style because it has a metal hook.  This one was a complete pleasure to use at first.  The metal hook glides through the yarn and again, the hook style was very pretty in a modern way.  Unfortunately, these hooks are much heavier than any standard hook that I’d ever used.  I loved the way my crochet turned out.  The stitches were so even and the rows so straight but within a very short period of time, my arm started to ache.

I read reviews where people were saying to stick it out and you’d be glad you did but my arm kept hurting even after I stopped crocheting which meant this hook was NOT going to work for me.

Enter the newly released Furls Streamline hooks!

Furls Streamline Hook size 5.5mm Rosewood

Furls Streamline Hook – Rosewood.

I am SO happy that I decided to give Furls one more chance by purchasing one of these new hooks.  The ergonomic design style is comfortable and modern looking.  It mostly matches the Odyssey hooks which are also a bit longer than the Candy Shop hooks but the Streamline hooks are so lightweight that you almost don’t feel them in your hand.

The hook end is cut sharper than the Candy Shop ones are and they have the hook size engraved right into the handle!  Many of the Furls hooks either don’t have a size on them or the size is written so small that you can’t even read it.  These make it loud and clear which size they are in a really lovely looking way.

Best of all, the Streamline hooks are Furls most affordable ever with each hook costing less than $20.00.  The pricing depends on which type and color of wood you choose.  There are 3 choices.  Mine is Redwood but you can also get these great hooks in Camwood or Ebony.

If you’re looking for a premium hook that feels great without any extra weight, this is the perfect one for you!  I absolutely LOVE mine and plan on purchasing an entire set of them into the future.

I bought my hooks directly from the Furls website but sometimes you can also find them at Amazon.com.  Here’s an affiliate link if you want to take a look there. Furls at Amazon

How about you?  Have you ever used a Furls hook?  What did you think?  Will you try the new Streamline series?  Talk to me in the comments section.  I love hearing from my readers!

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Crochet Christmas Cards – 20 Unique Crochet Theme Holiday Greeting Cards

Personalized Crochet Holiday Cards For Business or Personal Use

Crochet Christmas cards can be used to wish customers or friends and family Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings.

These high quality greeting cards can be customized and personalized to say anything you like.  So far, I’ve found 20 really cute crochet themed holiday cards for you to choose from.  Each one is more adorable than the next.

You can see them all and order yours using one of my affiliate links HERE and on other areas of this page. Using my affiliate link does not coast you a cent extra but it helps me keep this site going so thank you for shopping through Imperial Crochet!

Each card comes with a white envelope suitable for mailing and Zazzle’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Zazzle is a world leader for custom and personalized stationery, apparel, and gift items.

Each design has been created by an artist who keeps shop at Zazzle so the prices for each card will vary.  Discounts are offered for bulk purchases.

Most cards measure a large 5″ x 7″ but double check for size before ordering because Zazzle does have various card sizes and I don’t want you to be disappointed.

The designs featured are all perfect for anyone passionate about crochet and yarn. Some of the images are of actual crocheted baubles and ornaments while others are illustrations of yarn and hooks.

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Halloween Regrets – The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns that I didn’t Make Time For

I love Halloween!  I especially love decorating for Halloween and I’m ashamed to say that I spend way more time than I should browsing through fun Halloween crochet patterns.

In fact, I find so many cute Halloween decor patterns that it becomes overwhelming.

I don’t want to make just one crocheted pumpkin…  I want to make an entire field of them!  I want to line them up across the front of my fire place.  I want them placed on my window sills and on my kitchen table.

I picture a little crocheted black cat standing on the mantle and an adorable witch on the table in the foyer.

I want monster pillows on the sofa and a Halloween theme throw blanket to wrap myself in while I watch scary movies on October 31st.

With a week to go before Halloween, so far, all I’ve made is the throw blanket.  And to be honest, I made it last year.

Halloween color crochet throw blanket

Sorry the photo is a little dark.

I suppose there’s always next year to look forward to.

Here’s the links to my favorite free Halloween crochet patterns that I’ve found this year. I’m placing them here for safekeeping and to share them with all of my favorite readers.  Enjoy!

Halloween witch raggedy anne doll

My Halloween Raggedy Anne doll sitting on the throw.

Do you have any Halloween crochet regrets this year?  Share them in the comments.  You know it’s true that misery loves company and I love hearing from my readers.


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