Now Only Available in Three Sizes – Making Decisions for my Etsy shop

Wow!  This morning I started crocheting Bootie Soles in quantity and I couldn’t help but notice the enormous size difference between the smallest and the largest sizes that came with my new favorite pattern.

bootie soles

Look at the size difference!

It made me realize that if I want this new venture to be cost-effective, I need to make a couple of important decisions.


I’ve either got to reduce the availability of sizes for my booties.

Or sell them at separate prices.

For now, I’m going with the first option.   I’m only going to advertise them in the three smallest sizes which are, 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 12 months.

If someone asks me nicely, I can always do a custom order for the largest size.


Tools of the trade!


I’m also now rethinking my yarn brand choice.  The brand I chose is definitely cost-effective but I’m not sure they have all of the colors I’d like to eventually offer.

What about you?  If you keep an Etsy shop, have you ever had to make decisions like this? How do you decide what does or does not go into your shop?

And… do you have a go-to brand of yarn?  Since I started crocheting, I’ve been through so many different types and yarn brands it would make your head spin.  I’m seriously thinking I’d like to choose one brand and then just stock up on all of their colors.  And that would be that!

Leaving me with another question… if you could choose only one type and/or brand of yarn, what would you choose?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on these topics in the comments.  I really could use some good advice!

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BOHO Baby Booties Now Available at Etsy

Just listed a new design style at my Etsy shop today; CUTE and super stylish pink and gray “combat” boots.

The boots are mainly pink with thick gray soles and gray laces.  Take a look!

Cute pink and gray booties for a baby girl

Cute pink and gray booties for a baby girl.

Click here to see them in the Imperial Crochet Etsy shop.

Starting today, these cute handmade booties are available to order in 4 sizes including  zero to three months, three to six months, six to twelve months, and twelve to eighteen months.

I created them using a pattern I purchased from Inventorium at Etsy.  I think they make really special baby shower gifts and can also be given to the newborn when she makes her arrival into the world.

I’ll be adding other color combinations in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

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Clover Hooks Are Awesome

The more I crochet different types of items, the more I learn about crochet hook styles and different yarn brands.  I suppose this is an ever-growing learning situation but that’s okay because it’s a labor of love.

My Quick Clover Crochet Hook Review

The story begins with my needing a size hook that I didn’t already own for that combat bootie pattern I told you about the other day.  The only one I found at Michael’s, that day, with an ergonomic handle (because I’ve become a bit of a crochet hook snob and now demand the comfort of an ergonomic handle) was a Clover.  So, I bought it and started my booty.  The hook was really nice to work with and comfortable in my hand.

The pattern calls for a hook size change and when I did the change up, I grabbed one of my Furls Streamline hooks, which I also love, or thought I did.  I found the Streamline hook end a bit too sharp and too long when using it for such tedious work.  It kept separating my yarn and I found that I wanted my hand closer to the hook than was comfortable.  Now… I realize this could be because of the type of yarn I was using, my tension, or even just the way I was holding the hook while crocheting but it was annoying.

Clover hooks

This is the set of clover hooks I bought.

So annoying in fact, that I went to Amazon to see what I could find.  Low and behold, they had a beautiful set of 10 Clover Amour hooks for a very reasonable, I think, amount of cash.  I ordered them and I have to say that I’m thrilled with the purchase.

You can learn more and buy a set just like mine from Amazon by clicking my affiliate link HERE.

If you make a purchase I will earn a small royalty but, rest assured, it won’t cost you a dime extra and I’m not just saying that I like the hooks to make you buy them, I’m totally loving mine. Read my full disclosure here.

They’re extremely comfortable in my hand and work well with the acrylic yarn I’ve chosen to make my boots with.

I’ve got my eye on another set.  They have smaller hook sizes with the same ergonomic style rubber handles but since that’s a want, and not a need right now, I’ll wait.

You can see that set HERE.  This is another Clover brandAmour set and the handles are super cute pastel colors.

And yes, that is another affiliate link.  You can’t really blame a girl for trying, now can you?

Live and learn, right?  I still love my Streamlines for making my baby blankets and shawls so there’s no loss, or hard feelings about buying those.  I’ve just found that I can love more than one type of crochet hook at the same time.


My collection of Clover crochet hooks.

How about you?  Do you have a favorite brand of crochet hook?  Do you prefer to use different brands or styles of hooks for different projects?  Talk to me in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers!

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